Need a Marquee? Here Is What You Should Know

A marquee makes planning a large party or celebration easier, especially if the event is a corporate party, wedding reception, or the launch of a product. You can easily implement a marquee or multiple marquees by calling a party hire company. The company can assist you in choosing the best marquees for your specific budget and scenario. If you are still making a decision on selecting a marquee, the following information should enlighten you.

Choose a Venue with More Ease

If you are going to have a fairly sizable gathering, deciding to utilise marquees will give you the flexibility and freedom to select a location according to your style and preferences. You can make the venue a village, beach, countryside, or open setting. If you are hosting a corporate event or wedding reception, it is exceptionally difficult to locate a spot that is big enough to accommodate all your invitees. However, you won’t find this to be a restriction if you decide to host a party in the open countryside. You only need to hire a party company to set up beautifully constructed marquees in that case.

Should you rent a resort or hotel for your celebration, you will be restricted on your designs. You do not have the flexibility of choosing your preferred decorations, colour theme, or drapes due to venue restrictions. However, if you go with a party hire in Melbourne, you get the opportunity to decorate your marquees however you like. Therefore, you can choose the preferred colour, furniture, drapes, and also the lighting. You can also pick the chairs and tables of your choice, which is important when creating a consistent feel throughout the area.


Simplifying the Party Planning Process

Whether you are hosting a birthday, corporate event, or wedding, it seems that the only thing that people remember is the food. If you opt to pick marquees for your celebration, you can also choose the caterer. If you go with a resort or hotel instead, you have to settle on what they offer.

Hiring a marquee is a less expensive option when you compare it to hiring a resort or hotel. That is why party planners frequently choose a marquee or marquees when they are making preparations for a party.

If you do decide to utilise a marquee for your event, you will also enjoy the benefits of privacy. All the guests that show up are your invitees, but if you hire a resort or hotel, this is often not the case. In many instances, a number of events are planned simultaneously and you’ll have to struggle with random passersby.

Types of Marquees

Marquees are available in the following types:

 → Steel frame.
 → Self-erect.
 → Clear span structure.
 → Pagoda Marquees.

Marquee linings are also available to add to the luxuriousness of a certain festivity. Besides the lining, you also want to consider such party accessories as the following:

 → Cutlery and Crockery.
 → Exhibits and displays.

Once you determine exactly what you want to utilise for a party, you can contact a party hire company to turn your ideas into reality. Usually, hosts hire the party décor and accoutrements for a period of three days. To obtain further details, take a look at the site of the company whilst planning your itinerary. That way, you can break down your party needs and contact the company with your enquiries.

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