Here’s How You Can Hire A DJ For Your Wedding!

Weddings are special. There are many things to be planned, and as a couple busy with the preps, you must be missing on one of the most important inclusions, which is DJ or disc jockey. When you are enjoying your wedding, you would want to interact with the guests and make sure that they are having a good time. A DJ’s job is to ensure just that. They make your reception enjoyable, and at the same time, they keep the pace of the event going. If you look around, you will find a whole range of services, but how do you choose a DJ who can do it well? Here are some of the serious questions worth asking.

Full-time business

When you are looking for Dj Hire in Auckland, there are three things to note while interviewing. Firstly, whether the company or DJ is a professional one. Just knowing the task or loving music is not enough, but you need a team that can deal with weddings and has a full-time business for the same. You can start by knowing their experience and the kind of clients they have worked so far. If a DJ team has also worked with varied clubs and lounges or have handled corporate events, you have reasons to hire them. At the end of the day, you want a team that can handle the needs of your wedding, and a company has worked with varied events is always a good choice.

Customized experience

As mentioned, weddings are special to every couple, but you don’t want to play the same music as you heard at some other wedding. Basically, the idea is to hire a wedding DJ that can spend time in understanding the theme and requirements of your wedding. They should be able to play music that will be in sync with your needs and tastes, and you would want to know if they are willing to discuss the same in advance. Also, if you give them a do-not-play list, they should be ready to agree to the same.

Can you handle requests?

This is one question that should be asked to every DJ, especially if you don’t have an idea of how they work. In every wedding, there is a list of songs or a soundtrack that is decided in advance. However, depending on the guests and their wishes, the DJ should be able to handle the requests as needed. Ask the company if they can plan a theme sequence for the wedding and if they can actually handle the unexpected song requests.

Of course, you have to choose a service that you can afford. Some DJ services charge a fixed price for all events, while there are others who can offer custom quotes. Before you decide on a price, don’t miss on asking a few questions about the sound equipment they use and whether they have backup for equipment and music in case of an eventuality. With the right choice, weddings will be special in memorable ways.

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