Children need to have fun while auditioning

More than a thousand casting calls are available on a regular basis and depending on the locations; ambitious parents can take their aspiring young actors to a number of them. Casting calls for kids are held from ages one to eighteen.

Casting calls in demand – Disney auditions

There is a number of Disney casting calls and it is important that children have fun, being cast in their favorite characters.  Children need to be natural and not feel they are performing a task. It is important to have a good attitude and radiate positive energy rather than be a professional singer or dancer or actor. Good acting will come naturally if the child is relaxed and gifted with acting skills. A resume and headshot are usually required for Disney Channel auditions. And a parent must understand that these roles are very competitive. Most of those who get selected in such casting calls for kids have already played smaller roles or have practiced a lot before coming for the audition.

Casting calls for babies and young children

In most of these casting calls, the casting call director wants to see how naturally the child fits the role. You need to prep your child for a particular role you feel she can do in a natural way. It helps if you research the director and see what he has already produced, and know everything about the monologue the child is supposed to perform. Dress the child in an age-appropriate way, which is what is expected and respect your child if at any time he or she feels uneasy and does not want to act. The child should like what he is doing and not be acting to please the parents. He or She will then stand a chance to get a role in a movie or commercial.

Preparing teenagers for casting calls

Teenagers are required to present monologues that are probably lengthier than those of younger children. They need to be well prepared. Help them practice in fun ways so that they don’t get bored. It will be more difficult once they are before the casting director, as there will surely be an element of nervousness present, especially the first time. If they are not fully confident with their lines they have fewer chances of being selected.

Teenagers are very conscious of their looks. Do not give importance to this aspect. Make-up artists are usually present to make sure the child looks the part. If you are serious about the acting career of the child, make notes about the director, about the feedback received and any other relevant details. This can be of help in subsequent auditions and ensure your teenager’s career is on the right track. Above all encourage your child to have fun.

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