A Bubble Island Review

A Bubble Island Review

Bubble Island is really a story in regards to a youthful and brave raccoon looking for great adventure. Within this game you play like a raccoon attempting to solve various puzzle together with your magical bag of endless bubbles. The sport was created by Wooga Games which is considered a clone of numerous puzzle game that came before. Today we’ll check out how Bubble Island stick out among all of those other bubble games available.

Game play

You initially begin with a couple of easy stage and introduction about how the sport works. Bubble Island has easy and fundamental stuff which players usually receive from puzzle games.

The sport auto technician works rather easy and simple for anybody to get. Your primary goal would be to complete some bubbles with similar color as quickly as possible. If player takes too lengthy to consider where you can placed their bubble, the ceiling will drop gradually before the bubbles on a wall hit the floor. Farmville does require a little bit of strategy planning here. At occasions having a careful placing from the bubbles, players can eliminate an entire row of bubbles with only a couple of shot. This really is rather fun, however it does obtain a lot harder when you achieve to the center of the maps.

When you are towards the desert zone area, players must keep in mind the game bubble will shoot instantly in only 2 seconds. Players must think fast and react accordingly to obtain past this zone. This really is think about the HARD area of the game because the bubbles are combine and very difficult to breakthrough.

Players can enjoy solo, but it’ll get rather dull after trying to undergo the same kind of map like four to five occasions throughout a reload. So buddies is strongly encourage to experience together with players afterwards hanging around as they possibly can unlock certain save point for players to carry on where they ended.

Accessory for the map and also the bubble puzzle, I actually do observe that the sport has something call “extra existence”. This really is use to downside in situation you in some way experienced trouble and lose a stage. Should you exhaust existence, gold could be use to downside like a second chance hanging around too.

Players may also be able to return to previous maps and replay a few of the older puzzle when they desire too.


Very cartoon animation, Personally, i such as the raccoon a great deal. The type itself will give you plenty of smooth and beautiful animations like worried expression and excitement. Unsuccessful within the mission could be rewarding seeing your raccoon’s eye come out. Classic!

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